Highland Malawi Trust

So May is upon us and the maidens are on their way !! On the 9th they will travel to Malawi - first visit since 2014 and their excitement knows no bounds !!

Whilst there, they hope to engage mainly in building and maintenance of existing structures at the care centres . They will be able to spend more time in the school as it's not holiday time and obviously visit the hospital where hopefully they will see the difference that the support given by the Trust via donors has made. They pray earnestly that a solution will be found for the water saga at Chamalaza.

On the 1st of April the maidens helped to load the very last container being sent out by The Raven Trust from Dundee. It was a bittersweet experience given it was something they had always wanted to do but also knowing it was the end of an era . Much time, effort and love has gone into the banana boxes over the years and the maidens want to reiterate their appreciation once more for the goods , the packing time and monetary donations given by our lovely supporters. Some bad news came to them on the 22nd of April when they were informed that a lorry with container 105 which had left Dundee in January had overturned 20 km south of Mzuzu. Fortunately no one was hurt and as far as they know all their boxes were retrieved and they hope that Mr Lupia will be able to at least hold some, to enable the maidens to deliver them personally during their trip.

The maidens ask you to pray for a safe and fruitful trip for them and although the banana boxes have come to an end, the Trust work will continue. There is no doubt that the coffers will be empty on their return in June and no doubt that there will be many more requests for aid around Mzuzu so if you are free on Saturday 10th June please come along to the annual Strawberry Tea at 6 Raasay Road. If you have been before you know it's good , if you haven't , give it a whirl and catch up on all their news.

With much love to you all .

Chrisanne and Reay On the 3rd and 4th of March Reay and Chrisanne spent a couple of days in Wick and Thurso visiting Noss School and Dunnet Messy Church talking to the children about the work of the Trust. They also gave a presentation on the Friday evening to adults at the B.B hall in Thurso. They were totally overwhelmed by the generosity of all that they met. As well as monetary donations, approximately fifteen banana boxes were filled with a variety of items. These are now on their way to Mzuzu via The Raven Trust.

The children from Noss School have since sent a further list of questions via e- mail, such was their interest. A very enjoyable weekend indeed.

See the photos here.