Highland Malawi Trust

December 2017 and January 2018 have seen some great work in Malawi, supervised by our main man and friend, Mr Lupia.

The most significant - and most welcome - development is the final arrival of the long-delayed borehole at Chamalaza. This came in two stages: the drilling of the borehole at the end of the year and the construction of the pump early in January. This has been keenly awaited both by the village and the Trust members in Scotland.

After two attempts at locating water were made, a third attempt - this time successful - had to be arranged by the Trust. On top of that, add in a road accident where equipment fell into a ravine, the failure of machinery and the many competing calls on the drilling team: we are indeed delighted that the new pump is finally up and running.

The installation is to be called “Karen’s Well” after the funding provided by one of the Trust’s supporters. At the time of writing, Mr Lupia is organising a sign to that effect.

As well as the borehole, fertiliser has been distributed to a number of villages to help ensure a successful maize harvest in due course. Mr Lupia has supervised this as well, having to put up with the difficulty of cycling in the rainy season due to a fault with his van.

You can see some of the photographs here.

Members of the Trust toast the arrival of water in Chamalaza with a glass of Scottish water.