Highland Malawi Trust

Karen's Well

In 2014 Reay met a very elderly and disabled lady named Ann at a knitting group in Edinburgh . On hearing the Trust's story the lady asked Reay if we would take a blanket to Malawi. It transpired she had been knitting it for her daughter Karen, a keen traveller, to take to Malawi.

Karen unfortunately never made it to Malawi as she died suddenly of a brain tumour whilst working as an au pair in Australia. Reay and Chrisanne took the blanket and sent Ann some pictures.

When the Trust then started to fundraise to get water to Chamalaza, Ann gave a substantial donation and we agreed that the well would be named after Karen. It is not the most ornate of signs but it is wonderful for us to see.

Our Malawian friends know the story and that's why they made the sign as a lasting memorial. The sting in the tail however is that Ann herself passed away before she saw the memorial for her precious daughter.

Spring Photos

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